Five words of advice for educators to manage a productive studio practice

This is great advice on something I constantly struggle with–time in the studio.

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Many times I have been asked how do I manage teaching, curating, gallery, family and other things while still keeping my studio practice going. The quick answer is time management. However, it is more than that.  I keep a very active exhibition schedule that demands continuous production. There is no reason why your studio career should be diminished because you decided to go into education.  The sad reality that I have seen in many artist/educators is that teaching becomes their front runner and their art practice just trails behind. They feel guilty that they cannot get in their studios as often s they wish. Many become complacency. At that point, many great artists are stuck in not favorable situation. I strongly believe that if you are really serious about your studio practice, you will make it work regardless of your teaching schedule.

Following are five steps that I believe will help you manage a…

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My desire is that the viewer of my oil paintings feel and experience what I loved and drew me to the scene to paint it. I present what stirs me, in hopes that the viewer will share and feel my experience and love for a place. If I can do this, then I have succeeded!

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